Carré de Finance and Tysoworld are proud to announce the collaboration between KUBID and LIKECOIN. Together we make FinTech accessible to all.

Likecoin owners benefit from
New Technology!
Tyso is our major partner in development.
Tyso technology creates maximum security and privacy.
99,999% secured against hacking or steel data.

You need to use a valid e-mail address to join Likecoin Sales. 

Likecoin is not permitted to United States residents, citizens or inhabitants.

See also our FAQ and our Whitepaper


Likecoin owners benefit from New Technology !
What makes the difference?

the big difference

Blockchain technology, combined with Tyso technology
1. Data distribution 3 times faster than regular
Blockchain technology, combined with Tyso technology
1. Data distribution 3 times faster than regular
Blockchain technology, combined with Tyso technology
2. Protection data and privacy 4 layers higher than regular
Blockchain technology, combined with Tyso technology
3. Much more data through same internet connection than regular
Blockchain technology, combined with Tyso technology
4. Reach all users in low bandwidth regions


Why Likecoin should become mainstream

Likecoin is a digital token on the Ethereum blockchain.

The symbol is LIKES, and this is familiar with the worldwide likes that people give or receive if they like content as pictures, music, video, blogs, vlogs, messages, news, art, or whatsoever expressed and shared in all social media communication.

Worldwide use of social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Telegram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Skype, Vimeo and a lot more, are well known by anyone, but sometimes it’s fake or anonymous and no one receives real value for the effort involved.

Our goal is creating value for users by giving likes or receiving likes that are connected to cryptocurrency LIKES and represents real value in Ether or Bitcoin as well as fiat currency like EUR and more.

Once Likecoin becomes mainstream on the blockchain, anyone can earn or pay with LIKES for services or goods, and the holders of Likecoin can trade on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Likecoin is created for the community.

Distribution of likecoin

Blocked reserve
Community Sales
Founders 3%
Charity program

LIKES on the Ethereum Blockchain

Blockchain technology is missing high speed, and huge energy is needed for operations.

Blockchain is based on a decentralised system, controlled by the community, but also can be used for centralised operations.

By combining new Tyso technologies, the blockchain will become much faster, more secure and safe for data distribution in all areas, heavy reduction on energy use, transaction costs and storage costs.

2010 - technology with start up
2011 - Development team extended
2012 - Basic solutions

for pain points in Entertainment
2013 - Registered

Tyso Entertainment Limited
2014 - Testing beta

release Tyso Vi-core
2015 - Ongoing development

special products
2016 - Testing PoC Video and

Satellite connected edges
2017 Q1 - Demo model

Social Media app
2017 Q1
2017 Q2 - Study

Blockchain technology
2017 Q2
2017 Q3 - Experiments in

crypto currency
2017 Q3
2017 Q4 - Testing mobile

2017 Q4
2018 Q1 - Tysoworld partnering

with LIKES
2018 Q1
2018 Q2 - Study use cases on

the blockchain
2018 Q2
2018 Q3 - Release Business

Network on ETH Blockchain
2018 Q3
2018 Q4 - Release community

platform for data streaming
2018 Q4
2019 Q1 - Release Social

Media Network
2019 Q1
2019 Q2 - Release Payment

system for buy and sell services
2019 Q2
2019 Q3 - Release Mobile

integrated solutions
2019 Q3
2019 Q4 - Special use in

different market fields
2019 Q4