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FAQ-Version 2021 FAQ


Most frequent questions and answers
  • Only thing you need is a personal wallet where you can receive tokens once payment has been done.
  • A wallet is required to buy, sell and manage tokens.
  •  No, only individuals over 18 years old can participate in Pre-ICO and ICO of Likecoin.
  • Yes, you may.
  • The only country which is restricted from this Pre-ICO and ICO is the United States.
  • Participation in this ICO and Pre-ICO is not permitted to US residents and US citizens.
  • Likecoin is an ERC-20 compatible token on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • The token (LIKES) can be used to store and transfer value without middlemen.
  • Likecoin-tokens can be traded at cryptocurrency-exchanges, few weeks after ICO closing.
  • The Token Symbol is LIKES and the number of decimals is 8.
  • During ICO the price of a token is at least € 0.10 EUR each.
  • During Pre-ICO the price will be heavily reduced for a limited period of time.
  • ICO or Initial Coin Offering is a kind of crowdfunding, allowing the project to attract investments through sales of tokens, which entitle the holders to make profit from trade in tokens on cryptocurrency-exchanges.
  • Pre-ICO is a limited period of time, tokens are offered at discount.
  • During Pre-ICO the social community and anyone can buy tokens at heavy reduced price.
  • Pre-ICO period of time is needed to prepare all contracts and documents for ICO.
  • Yes, we have no restriction for sale of tokens to corporate customers and institutional investors.

  • The maximum number of each purchase during Pre-ICO is 2,000,000 Likecoin-tokens.
  • Minimum order is 5,000 tokens or € 250 EUR. Likecoin-tokens for all payment options.
  • During ICO there is no limit on purchase any number of tokens, unless sold out. Each individual purchase is limited to 20,000,000 Likecoin-tokens. Minimum order is 1,000 Likecoin-tokens.
  • During Pre-ICO a limited number of tokens will be sold in series at heavy reduced prices.
  • The total supply is limited. Only 2,006,000,000 Likecoin will ever exist, no more and no less.
  • The value of Likecoin is determined by supply and demand and may increase with every new user while reaching development milestones and wide spread adoption by social media users.
  • Likecoin will be listed on several cryptocurrency-exchanges where you can sell or buy Likecoin-tokens at starting price from at least € 0.10 EUR or $ 0.12 USD each.
  • The Likecoin-tokens will be listed at ICO price, but no less than € 0.10 EUR each.
  • Total supply for community sales is 501,500,000 Likecoin-tokens.
  • Unsold tokens will be added to ICO supply volume.
  • Create your OWN WALLET ADDRESS (also named public key) which is required to purchase and manage tokens. You need your own Wallet to receive or send tokens.
  • You can pay for tokens by Debit cards, Credit cards, Bank transfer in EUR and USD, Bank transfer in cryptocurrencies BTC and ETH, PayPal and connected cards.
  • You also can pay direct ETH (Ethereum) to our Wallet Address or Likewallet.eth
  • For Custom Payment you can ask us what other options we have.
  • Follow payment instructions on website or in your order confirmation.
  • Provide us your Wallet Address, where you want to receive your LIKES.
  • If you need help, send E-mail to support@likecoin.cc in the contact us page.

For the moment you can only pay with USD or EUR

  • Likecoin uses a wide variety of security measures to protect the user data.
  • The company has obtained a Secure Socket Layer certificate ensuring safe connection between the website and the end user.
  • Security of transactions with Credit cards and Debit cards is confirmed by PCI DSS Level 1 certificate.
  • All user account information is stored encrypted and won’t be shared until law enforces us to do so.
  • Purchases are non-refundable.
  • The user understands and accepts that all contributions and purchases of Likecoin are final and may not be reversed.
  • By purchasing LIKES, the user acknowledges that he has no right to request a refund for any reason, and that the user will not receive money or other compensation for any LIKES that is not used or remains unused.
  • If you don’t have a wallet you need to create one in https://MyEtherWallet.com
  • How to create a wallet step by step – you can use this link MEW_create-wallet.pdf
  • We will send your tokens to your own wallet address after we have received your payment.
  • You can add and see your tokens in this link: https://www.myetherwallet.com
  • Access your wallet with your private key.
  • Click the “Add Custom Token” button and fill in the following:

Token Contract Address: 0x518f70613e04640e296e205d65EF04152b6c4d0B

Ø Token Symbol: LIKES

Ø Decimals: 8 • Click save and see your token balance under the symbol LIKES