1. Website opens on the homepage “Home”

2. Standard language is English, but at the bottom there is a choice button for languages, e.g. Dutch (NL) Top left is a downward reference (Google translate)

3. Above the menu bar is a button for registration “Register”. Registration of a valid Email address is necessary to use the website and all parts. On each page there is also a “SUBSCRIBE” button on the bottom. After completing the Email address and checking the white block for acceptance of the privacy conditions, the registration can be sent and a confirmation will be sent automatically.

4. Registration is not yet required for a first orientation of the website. All pages can be viewed and the whitepaper, consisting of 4 main groups, can be downloaded. The FAQ (frequently asked questions) and Legal documents, such as cookies, privacy, terms and conditions, as well as certificates from the Worldcore bank accounts for different currencies, as well as the Tyso Technology EULA (End-User License Agreement). There is also a download option on every page “How do I create my Wallet Address” as a Dutch version.

5. Registration is required to be able to purchase. The minimum amount of Likecoin (LIKES) is 1000 and represents a fixed value of 100 Euro. The maximum for purchase per wallet address is 20 million LIKES.

6. A 1st purchase of LIKES is as follows:

  • a. Use the Sales button in the main menu
  •  b. Enter the desired number of coins (minimum 1000) in the box next to “Add to cart”
  •  c. The entered number can be changed later and then press “update card”
  •  d. The currency cannot be changed. Default currency is EUR. Price per piece is 0.10 EUR, excluding any bonus to be applied if a request has been granted.
  • e. The payment choice of currency is related to the euro. Payment is possible in EUR, USD, ETH, BTC.
    f. Then press the “Proceed to checkout” button
  • g. Returning customer? “Returning customer” Must be logged in “Click here to login” For new customers, the desired data can be entered, but the Email address * is mandatory. Below that the entered order is visible with the total amount.
  • h. Now a choice can be made from the payment options “All Payment Methods” or “PayPal” by ticking the relevant circle.
  • i. Read the privacy policy and the terms and conditions. Then tick the square white area if you agree with the conditions.
  • j. Now the order is ready to place. Then press “Place order”
  • k. New customers receive a confirmation email with username and a temporary password on the completed Email address. You can enter further details and create and send your own password. You can later use this data to log in to your own account.
  • l. The order has now been placed but not yet final. An order will not be final until payment has been received. When using PayPal, this is immediately after order placement. With other payment options, this is once the bank payment has been received. Unpaid orders remain registered but expire after a period of time if no payment is made.
  • m. In order to receive Likecoin (LIKES), the customer must provide his “Wallet Address”. This can be done in several ways via mail to bookkeeping, or register, or support. The Wallet Address can also be filled in on the Contact page “Contact” of the website.


  1. On every page there is the possibility to tick a “thumb” as Like.
  2. There is also a possibility to share a page with friends in another social media network.
  3. Clicking a thumb or sharing and forwarding “likes and shares” is automatically counted for every registered account (linked to Email address) and is paid out to the Wallet belonging to that Email address at the end of the sales phase. 1 LIKES will be provided for each like or share during the sales phase, and paid out once the number of 100 or more has been reached. (1 LIKES per 100 clicks)
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