LIKES to Wallet

How to see your Custom Token LIKES in your Wallet

1. Go to: MyEtherWallet Inc [US]  

2.  Always check if you are on the right URL.

3. Choose: View Wallet Info.

4. How would you like to access your wallet? Choose 1st option: View w/ Address only.

5. Paste or type your Wallet Address within the red lines. If you use the right address the red lines will  change into green lines.

6. Click: Add Custom Token as shown in the picture and fill in the open fields.

Token Contract Address: 0x518f70613e04640e296e205d65EF04152b6c4d0B

Token Symbol: LIKES

Decimals: 8

7. Click the button Save, and you can see your LIKES tokens.

You need to follow this procedure only 1 time.

You can do this once you have created your Wallet Address, also called Public Key or your Address, or you can do this once Likecoin LIKES are sent to your Wallet Address.


Each time you view your Wallet Info afterwards, you will see your LIKES and Balances.

In this demo wallet the Token Balance is 0 Likes.