Wallet Address

How do i create

my Wallet Address

DEMO: How do I create my Wallet Address?

1. Create and enter a strong Password. (Never give this to others).

2. Download Keystore File (UTC / JSON). 

  3. Save your Keystore File from downloads. (Never open this file). Confirm I understand. Continue.

   4.Save Your Private Key. (Never give this to others).

5. Print Paper Wallet (and keep it for yourself only) and Save Your Address.

(Never give this print with your Private Key to others).


6. Unlock your wallet to see your address.

7. Select you Keystore file (JSON File) from downloads and enter your Password.

8. Click the unlock button.

9. Now you see Your Address, Keystore File, Private Key (unencrypted). You are able to download again the Keystore File and Print Paper Wallet

10. View Wallet Info.

 Paste or type your Address in the open field and View Balance

See your Address or Account Address and Balance

  Click Add Custom Tokens and fill in the open fields.

Token Contract Address: 0x518f70613e04640e296e205d65EF04152b6c4d0B

Token Symbol: LIKES

Decimals: 8

Click the Save button and you can see your Token Balances. In this DEMO the Balance is 0 LIKES.

Always store your Password and your Private Key in a safe place.