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What is Likecoin LIKES

Likecoin LIKES is a digital ERC20 based token on the Ethereum blockchain.

This provides individuals and organizations with a robust and decentralized method of exchanging value while using a familiar social sign of appreciation.

We believe in a free world economy. The ultimate goal of the LIKES community is to offer modern financial services and the possibility to create a basic income to anybody with access to internet and a connected (mobile) device.

The team is convinced that the Ethereum blockchain is the ultimate platform to serve this.

It has several advantages over other blockchain platforms that will be helpful to reach our final goal. 

The power of social media will be leveraged to push crypto under social media users.

We believe in a financial system where everyone can take advantage of blockchain technology, driven by the LIKES community.

The innovation of blockchain is a cryptographically secured global ledger.

Each and every LIKES will be registered on the blockchain that is completely transparent and auditable, no more bot Likes, only real verified LIKES on the Ethereum blockchain!!! 

The total supply of tokens is based on today’s market share of Facebook with 2,006,000,000 active users. 

Each social media user familiar with Likes should be able to use LIKES as a content rewarding mechanism.

Blocked Reserve 51% of tokens are time locked for custody purpose and may be used for future developments.

Likecoin LIKES

Token name: Likecoin

Ticker Symbol: LIKES

Decimals: 8

Total supply: 2,006,000,000

Smart Contract: 0x518f70613e04640e296e205d65EF04152b6c4d0B

Wallet: Likewallet.eth

1 LIKES: reward for 100 clicks in any social media, for liking or sharing or forwarding.

Community supply: 501,500,000

Emission rate Exchange price: €0.10EUR

Pre-Sales: with discount, unless sold out

Use of LIKES 

      Utility token to pay for services on the Tyso platform.

      Content reward mechanism (any social media)

      Buy or sell goods or services on Tyso platform.

      Store or transfer value without middlemen

      Trade on exchanges

Storage: in any ERC20 compatible wallet






Trade opportunities and Exchanges

We selected several cryptocurrency Exchanges with our LIKES for trading, once accepted for trade purposes.

Total number of coins for trading is limited to 500,000,000


Don’t invest money that you can’t afford to lose.

In every business risk is involved.

Always spread your investment.

We reserve our rights to refuse investments, in case of doubts.

Distribution of LIKES 

Blocked reserve
Community Sales
Founders 3%
Charity program

Why LIKES should become mainstream

LIKES is a digital token on the Ethereum blockchain.

The symbol is LIKES, and this is familiar with the worldwide likes that people give or receive if they like content as pictures, music, video, blogs, vlogs, messages, news, art, or whatsoever expressed and shared in all social media communication.

Worldwide use of social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Telegram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Skype, Vimeo and a lot more, are well known by anyone, but sometimes it’s fake or anonymous and no one receives real value for the effort involved.

Our goal is creating value for users by giving likes or receiving likes that are connected to cryptocurrency LIKES and represents real value in Ether or Bitcoin as well as fiat currency like USD, GBP, EUR and more.

Once LIKES becomes mainstream on the blockchain, anyone can earn or pay with LIKES for services or goods, and the holders of LIKES can trade on cryptocurrency exchanges.

LIKES is created for the community.

LIKES on the Ethereum Blockchain

Our Main Partner for LIKES allows the use of software for streaming high quality media assets and data. Faster streaming over internet connection without limitation on bandwidth, in a secure protected environment to prevent hacking and illegal use. This new streaming method (xHS) allows distribution of 3x more data than legacy streaming, and allows upto 5 times faster streaming. Only 1 container carrier needed for all devices. Unified single player framework (xSPF) for all data and all devices.

Useful for all kind of industries, especially for government, healthcare, military, banking, insurance, security, telco, broadcast, film distribution, business networks, education, social networks and more. Serious cost savings on storage, CPU use, energy consumption and transcoding jobs.

Blockchain technology is missing high speed, and huge energy is needed for operations. Blockchain is based on a decentralised system, controlled by the community, but also can be used for centralised operations.

By combining new Tyso technologies, the blockchain will become much faster, more secure and safe for data distribution in all areas, heavy reduction on energy use, transaction costs and storage costs.

Blockchain Technology 

Fast and secure data transfer

Secure decentralized currency transfer.

Why Tyso Technology

  •  “Stream all media assets & data”:
  • New streaming architecture (xHS) for all media assets and data.
  • Streams 3x faster than legacy models.
  • Streaming highest quality over lowest bandwidth.
  • Supporting ABR.
  • Storage in Cloud only 1 time, instead of 120 times.
  • Cross platform reaches all devices and all operating systems.
  • New single player (xSPF player) for all content, both online and off line.
  • Low CPU usage, low energy consumption
  • New Shell protection in 3 or 4 layers against hacking and illegal use.
  • Lowest TCO, due to low CPU usage in Cloud and in mobile, low energy consumption in Cloud, no re-encoding, no re-compression, only 1-time storage in Cloud, single container distribution, independent on hardware upgrades. Green technology, future proof.
  • Distribution all data and media asset with same technology.
  • Quality as produced. No loss on frames and bits. High video profiles.
  • Bandwidth independent. Low bandwidth needed for highest quality.
  • Media-assets: All data, Video, Audio, Picture, Documents, Music.

Content Distribution Summary

By 2018 Video and Audio content delivery via internet will surpass 90% of all data traffic. Demand for access to such content creates several challenges for infrastructure, broadcasting and IT companies.

These challenges are primarily due to Bandwidth and Storage (physical constraints) and Content Protection (intellectual constraint)

Research by the University of Massachusetts shows that buffering issues are the number 1 cause of viewers abandonment.

Limited bandwidth and degraded content are the main cause of low quality distribution and the reason for loss of viewers and revenue.

Content creators do not really have the ability to show original recorded formats in studio quality and have relatively little control over the protection of their copyrighted work.

Cable- and Mobile operators and Television started to provide 4K content to clients who can afford premium packages with higher bandwidth, but they also have costs for maintaining content and supporting various codecs, devices and bandwidths.

Adaptive HTTP streaming is an accepted alternative, but this has no ability for playback of studio quality content.


The only content agnostic streaming platform for all data, all OS, all devices.

We created the world’s only content agnostic Streaming Platform that currently streams beyond 4K content to multiple platforms.

Utilizing available bandwidth more efficiently, and Protecting copyrighted media content.

This platform does not require major changes to existing Servers.

No major changes to Infrastructure.

Fast, Safe and Secure data distribution.

Why LIKES is important

LIKES is a utility token, created for the community.

In our opinion a special token such as the LIKES, presenting a well-known symbol as used in all social media, now can interact with technology services that can improve the social media use and also presents real value.

Therefore, it can be used to pay for services and goods, but also to earn by giving a like to others or sell products.

Likecoin LIKES partnered with Tysoworld and uses the new technology that created the world’s only content agnostic streaming platform, currently streaming beyond 4K to multiple platforms, utilizing bandwidth more efficiently and protecting content. This platform requires no major changes to existing servers and infrastructure.

The LIKES can be used to reward content creators within our platform as well outside our platform.

We aggregated the LIKES and planned to keep a coin reserve in custody for the end users to be able to push our cryptocurrency mainstream under social media users.

Our goal is to make the usage of our crypto LIKES just as easy as Liking & Sharing and get Liked.


TYSO Entertainment Limited

Tyso is our main partner for development, creating technologies for higher data quality, faster distribution, cost friendly and heavy protected, besides all the possibilities of the Blockchain.


Trezor is a partner for a cold wallet system, to store currency outside your computer. Also, recovery of data in case of lost.


Ledger is a partner for another cold wallet system, and distributor for their hardware wallet.


Use Case for Data streaming

The Use Case for data streaming to solve peak traffic problems by streaming more data, faster and safer over available internet connection, especially for Telco’s and Banks. For different use cases we planned to set up PoC.

Business Network

The Network for Business Use in any market is based on technology that improved the quality of content, the safety of the network, the privacy of online communications, the protection against identity theft and protection of copyrighted content. Tremendous reduction on energy use and storage costs. Reducing CO2

Community Platform

Community interactive communication in a Blockchain connected platform with cross media sharing. Priorities are sharing information, communication between users, contribution to the platform by creating content and copyrighted work.

Social Media Network

For Entertainment a new complete private entertainment network is created, including features as mentioned in the demo model and user manual.

This new social media network is planned to be integrated within the Blockchain technology with advantages for the blockchain as well as the network itself.

Payment Solutions

For buying services, selling goods, rewarding contributions and creative contents the LIKES can be used as payment solution besides regular payment in fiat currency.

Mobile Integration.

Plans are in progression; part of development is ready. Release in near future.

Special Use Cases.

For governments, military, healthcare and other use, we intend to test some cases, and release in future.



Plans for a connected marketplace are made and will be released in future.

Operations in the Blockchain

LIKES is created for the community as an ERC20 compatible token on the Ethereum Blockchain. LIKES is a utility coin.

We have developed the new technology since 2012 and make an API available from which we want to build a custom application for Beta users.

We planned to release an Alpha version early to show the minimum viable product to investors.

Our technology is not open source, but we tested improvements since 2012 on own dedicated servers to prevent hacking.

There is currently no competition in the streaming quality we deliver. Only offline on Blu-ray same bitrate in audio and video is available. Combined technology will increase speed.

To be clear our backend is centralized until the state of technology in the blockchain space is able to deliver same quality from a decentralized back-end.

Our speed of transport over internet is much higher than all legacy methods for streaming.

We combine our technology in the blockchain to increase speed, quality, safety and security while we reduce significant costs.

We target content creators that want to deliver their content directly to end users from movie studios to user generated content.

We are able to deliver quality only known before in offline space, not in online streaming delivery methods. DRM is included in our streaming delivery architecture and make available the API with features to build a custom application.

A kind of growth hack is planned to provide an html widget to all users that want to get rewarded for any online contents outside our platform.

Also, a useful universal wallet system is planned to integrate.

After successful beta release and healthy user adoption of the technology we planned to make the API available for developers to implement the features in their own applications.


Due to the volatility of cryptocurrency, a lot of discussion is caused in the media, although anyone has a positive view on developments regarding the Blockchain technology.

Some governments, countries, states, or regulatory bodies or entities already have regulations or intend to prepare in this regard.

Some countries banned cryptocurrency to protect their own interests.

LIKES is only a utility token and cannot be considered being a security of any kind.

LIKES do not offer equity ownership or voting rights or rights on payments out of profit from the company whatsoever.

LIKES and the LIKES economy intend to operate in accordance with the laws of any jurisdiction where applicable or required.

LIKES do not provide assurance to the completeness of included information in the whitepaper, website or any documentation in this regard.

LIKES is intended for the use as utility token within the LIKES community for blockchain based technologies and software use, and is not considered as legal tender or securities.

No promises of future value or performance, including no guarantee that LIKES will hold any particular value or inherent value.

LIKES is not meant for speculation or investment.

Purchase of LIKES is completely at own risks and is not refundable or reversible.


This whitepaper is carefully prepared for informational use only.

Contributors to the LIKES ecosystem are contributing at their own risk.

No statement in this whitepaper is meant to be seen as promotional act or as an advice to participate or contribute in LIKES.

Implementation of technologies or applications or future obligations are dependent on risks and factors outside the control of Tyso Entertainment Limited and officers herein, or involved persons or third-party companies.

This whitepaper is non-binding on any person in or outside the company.

Information herein cannot be incorporated into any contract or any legal obligation.

Outside risks including regulatory risks, adoption of the technology mentioned in this whitepaper, continued use of the Ethereum Blockchain, contributor participation, or financial risks cannot be foreseen.


By purchasing LIKES, the buyer acknowledges that buyer has sufficient expertise and is able to judge or evaluate this whitepaper, including additional information.

Restrictions may depend on the residence of the buyer and involves risks, including tax risks and regulatory risks.

LIKES should not be considered as a security of any kind, but only as a utility token.

No other rights than the use of this utility token as described in this whitepaper can be claimed upon purchasing LIKES under the restrictions as mentioned.


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